StubHub Files Antitrust Lawsuit Against Ticketmaster and the Golden State Warriors

StubHub, a leading ticket marketplace, has filed a lawsuit against Ticketmaster and the Golden State Warriors’ front office. As stated in the Complaint, StubHub seeks to stop unfair and illegal anti-competitive business practices that prevent fans from deciding how they want to resell their tickets and which artificially drive up ticket prices.

The Complaint recounts that Ticketmaster and the Warriors’ front office broke our nation’s antitrust law and California law against unfair competition by cancelling fans’ regular-season and playoff-game tickets when those fans chose to use StubHub and other competitive exchanges to resell tickets. In many more cases, the Complaint says, Ticketmaster and the Warriors’ front office broke the law by unlawfully threatening fans with cancellation to force them to use Ticketmaster’s resale exchange exclusively.

StubHub strives to compete fairly, ensuring that fans only pay market-driven prices based on actual supply and demand. We believe fans, not front-office executives, have the right to decide how – and for how much – resale tickets will be bought and sold.

Despite repeated requests by StubHub, the Warriors and Ticketmaster executives refused to play fair, to respect the fans, and to obey the law. StubHub’s only option therefore remains to seek relief in federal court to stop these anticompetitive business practices. StubHub simply wants Ticketmaster and the Warriors front office to embrace competitive efforts rather than monopoly tactics.

The lawsuit, which can be seen here, describes in detail the systematic, anticompetitive behavior that causes fans to suffer financial harm for the sole purpose of creating a monopoly for the resale of Warriors tickets.

Fifteen years ago, StubHub was started by fans to serve fans. Today that’s still our focus. We will keep fighting for open, fair ticket markets and the right of fans to make their own choices.


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