Buffalo Has Rex Ryan Fever

The Buffalo Bills famously made four Super Bowl appearances in the 90’s and lost all four. The team’s last playoff appearance was in 1999 where they were knocked out by the Tennessee Titans in the most brutal fashion a team could ever be knocked out of the playoffs – by The Music City Miracle. Earlier this year, Sports on Earth ranked Buffalo at number 2 in their NFL’s Most Tortured Fan Bases article (up from number 1 last year!).

But that’s all in the past. Let’s look at the future! There’s much room for optimism in Buffalo. For the time being, the Bills are NOT in any relocation talks, the team traded for then signed one of the top running backs in the league in Lesean McCoy, and – probably most importantly – the team hired Rex Ryan as Head Coach. Are the Bills getting the 2010 Rex Ryan who coached the Jets to an 11-5 record and defeated both Peyton Manning and Tom Brady on their home fields in the playoffs? Or are they getting more of the 2014 Rex Ryan who was at the helm of a dismal 4-12 Jets team?

Time will tell, but one thing is for certain: Buffalo fans are pumped. Let’s take a look at StubHub’s year over year sales numbers this offseason:

Top 5 Year over Year NFL Sales Growth on StubHub

1. Buffalo Bills +53%

2. Indianapolis Colts +49%

3. Green Bay Packers +44%

4. San Diego Chargers +37%

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers +33%

It looks like the Chargers fans don’t want to leave San Diego and the Bucs fans want to see what Jameis Winston can do. But not them – nor the Colts or Packers – can match the excitement that Buffalo is feeling right now with their new commander-in-chief.

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