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StubHub wants to get to South by Southwest Interactive this March but we need your help! We have submitted six great panel/presentation ideas and it’s up to the public to decide whether each one makes the cut. Take a look at our submissions below and vote for your favorite idea – or better yet – vote for all of them! You have to create an account in SXSW to vote, but it’s simple and quick. Voting ends this Friday, September 4th,  so vote now and help StubHub take over SXSW Interactive!

Getting Millennials off the Couch & to the Stadium (Panel presentation with Christopher Pencavel of StubHub, Darren Heitner of Forbes, Priya Narasimhan of YinzCam, and Sarah Spain of espnW):

Everyone has heard it by now. The younger generation is extremely tech savvy and wants instant gratification. Millennials consume media through two screens at a time and the technology of those screens keeps getting better and better. So then, what’s the future like for live events? With better TV’s and the ability to live stream almost any game, how do teams, sponsors, and live event platforms convince this new generation to step away from their screens and get to the game. Vote:

Rebel Rebel Overcoming Institutional Inertia (Gary Kanazawa, Director of Product Management at StubHub):

When a company grows from 12 people in a grungy basement to 200 people in a corporate tower, things change. People are still working hard, but motivations have evolved. After all, when you’re leading an industry, and everyone is taking their cues from you, it’s hard to maintain the institutional drive and ambition that got everyone to that corporate tower in the first place.

Gary Kanazawa, competitive wheelchair rugby player and head of StubHub Labs, has learned to empower lean teams within a bigger company by giving them the leeway to experiment and roll out innovative new programs and apps. He’ll share stories and lessons from his experience as an approved rebel within a corporation. Vote:

Let’s NOT Talk About Sex: Case Against the F Word (Raji Arasu, Chief Technology Office at StubHub):

From Reddit’s Ellen Pao to Tinder’s Whitney Wolfe, it’s tough out there for a woman in the Valley. While roadblocks for women in tech continue to get in the way, it’s time to ask ourselves if we’re taking the right approach. By continually talking about females in the industry, we actually limit them by including an unnecessarily qualifying adjective. A “female” CTO, “female” engineer, a “female” coder: when will we allow these titles — and women — to stand on their own? In this session, StubHub’s Chief Technology Officer, Raji Arasu, discusses her own path to success, and argues that by continually celebrating women in tech, we’re actually moving further away from gender quality. Vote:

Living in the Moment: The Power of Live Events (Panel presentation with Justin Finn of StubHub, Vanessa Adamo of iHeartMedia, and Hugh McIntyre of Forbes):

We live in a time-shifted world. As innovations in on-demand entertainment make it easier to press play at any moment, “being in the moment” has grown increasingly rare. Live events are a perfect remedy, inviting fans to be part of a collective moment & experience something in real-time. Across genres, people are taking advantage of this opportunity to truly immerse themselves in the music. Moderated by Hugh McIntyre, Forbes, panelists Justin Finn, Head of Events Marketing, StubHub and Vanessa Adamo, SVP of Brand Partnerships, iHeartMedia, will discuss the power of living live – and how, irrespective of advancements in technology, live events will always be key to meaningful fan experiences. Vote:

Building SEO into Your Site Makeover (Parag Vaish, Director of Product at StubHub):

When it comes to search rankings, old folks have a leg up. The longer you’ve been around, the more likely you are to be at the top of Google’s list. But when it’s time to give your website a makeover, there’s a serious chance that you’ll lose your coveted page one spot. So, what’s the solution for companies who want to overhaul their UX but maintain their status as top dog? In this session, StubHub’s Head of Mobile, Parag Vaish, will share best practices on how to overhaul a site while retaining optimal search rankings. He’ll draw on StubHub’s changes to illustrate how an established company with millions of users went through the makeover of a lifetime – and ended up better for it. Vote:

How Your Dislikes Can Power Personalization (Parag Vaish, Director of Product at StubHub):

From your Netflix queue to your Facebook news feed, personalization algorithms are a prominent component of nearly every platform, network, and marketplace today. But just as important as analyzing the content you engage with and recommending similar results is using that information to determine what you don’t like.

In this solo presentation, Parag Vaish, Head of Mobile at StubHub, will explain the nuances of understanding fans’ preferences, and the importance of inferring insights from what they don’t tell you — ensuring that Yankees fans never see Red Sox content! Vote:


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