StubHub Engineers Create First Ticketing Chatbot for Skype

In late June, StubHub engineers attended the Bot Hackathon at Skype’s offices in Palo Alto, and ended up celebrating a win for StubHub engineers Pablo Flores and Carlos Lopez.

Pablo and Carlos entered the developer hack-a-thon at the event and took first place in the “productivity bot” category.

The inaugural event was sponsored by Skype and Microsoft to evangelize a new framework that allows developers to build cross-platform bots that work on Skype and also run on KIK, Facebook Messenger, SMS and more.

The first-place StubHub bot was leveraged from a KIK-based proof of concept that Pablo created. It uses a text messaging interface to dialog with users and help them find events in their local areas, ultimately sending users to StubHub to buy tickets.

Today, Skype announced a series of new chatbots for the messaging platform, including the new StubHub chatbot, a fun, simple way to find your tickets out to an amazing event. Read more on the Skype blog, and add the StubHub Bot to find tickets to some of life’s most memorable artists, athletes, performers and experiences in the U.S. and Canada.



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