Super Bowl LI and 2017 NFL Playoffs Ticket Demand and Prices on StubHub – January 10th, 2017

NFL Wild Card weekend is complete. The Seahawks, Texans, Packers, Steelers will all advance to play another week. Teams playing their first home playoff games, thanks to their bye weeks last week, include the Falcons, Patriots, Chiefs, and Cowboys. That means the two Texas teams (where Super Bowl LI will be held) are still alive and a “home state” Super Bowl is still in play.

How has this affected Super Bowl ticket demand? Currently on StubHub, demand for Super Bowl tickets is up 12% compared to last week, in terms of total volume of tickets sold.We are now four weeks away from the biggest day in football, so tune into the StubHub Press Box for weekly updates on what we’re seeing for the NFL playoffs and the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl LI – NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas on February 5th, 2017.

The Average Ticket Price Sold to date for Super Bowl LI is $4,279, down nearly 30% from this time last year.

Super Bowl Average Ticket Price History (data as of 1/11/16)
Super Bowl 50 (2/7/16 Panthers vs Broncos): $5,535
Super Bowl XLIX (2/1/15 Patriots vs Seahawks): $4,222
Super Bowl XLVIII (2/2/14 Seahawks vs Broncos): $2,516

Super Bowl LI tickets have sold in the range of $3,185 to $15,432. Last year at this time, Super Bowl 50 ticket price range was between $3,478 to $13,500.

Where are sales coming from? There have been purchases made in 8 unique countries from as far as Australia, South Africa, and the UK. Due to the location and proximity to our southern neighbor, it is no surprise that after the U.S., Mexican buyers make up about 7% of overall sales.

Top 5 Super Bowl LI Buyers:

*by States/Regions (% of where sales are coming from)

Looking forward to this weekend at the AFC and NFC Divisional Round Games, there is currently more overall demand for NFC games, probably due to the Seahawks advancing.

AFC/NFC Divisional Games (1/14-1/15)


Average Ticket Price (ATP) ATP % Change from Last Week Highest


Texans vs Patriots $371 -9% $1,750 $159
Seahawks vs Falcons $173 14% $995 $48
Packers vs Cowboys $411 6% $32,450 $75
Steelers vs Kansas Chiefs $189 7% $1,500 $59

AFC Games:

  • Patriots vs Texans (1/14):
    • Demand is up 88% from last week*
    • Average Ticket Price is down 9% compared to last week at $371
  • Steelers vs Chiefs (1/15):
    • Largest Selection of Tickets Available at 9,936

NFC Games:

  • Seahawks vs Falcons (1/14):
    • Demand is up 90% from last week*
    • Least expensive ticket sold out of all the divisional games at $48
    • Lowest Average Ticket price at $173
  • Packers vs Cowboys (1/15):
    • Highest demand out of all the divisional games*
    • Highest Average Ticket Price at $411
    • Most expensive ticket sold was $32,450

*Demand in terms of total ticket sales on StubHub

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