The Week in Events – Demand in NBA and NHL – March 7, 2017

With only four weeks left until the end of regular season for both NBA and NHL, each game is becoming increasingly important as teams fight to secure their spot in the playoffs.  This week at StubHub, we take a look at what matchups generated the most demand in ticket sales and discuss factors that could be contributing towards sales trends.

NBA: Most In-Demand Matchups 

Press_Box_0306__NBA_MatchupsThe K.D. Effect

While the Golden State Warriors maintain a top position, the average ticket price for all games has depreciated by 5% since Durant’s injury.

NHL: Most In-Demand Matchups 

Last Games at Joe Louis

Although Red Wings are ranked last in the Eastern Conference, sales for home games are still doing very well. One reason for this could be that Detroit fans want to cherish their last moments at Joe Louis given the opening of a new arena this fall.

Joe Louis Arena ranks 4th for best performing venues when it comes to sales for NHL games taking place this month.

Press_Box_0306__Venue_Sales_NHL_FINAL (1)


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