Warriors vs. Cavs 2017 NBA Finals Ticket Trends – June 1, 2017

Today is the big day. Cleveland will face Golden State at Oracle Arena for Game 1 of their third consecutive NBA finals series matchup. StubHub gives an updated look into ticket demand figures and where buyers are coming from for the 2017 NBA Finals.  

What is demand looking like compared to recent years?

Demand figures to date suggest NBA fans are more eager to attend games this year than last year. Here is a how this year’s sales stack up against recent years:


NBA_Finals_Price_Evolution (3)

Where are sales coming from?

This year’s NBA finals are set to be the most global in attendance in recent years.

Ticket purchases for NBA Finals games have been registered in a total of 29 different countries with sales outside the U.S. having increased by over 140% compared to last year. Cross-border sales account for 6% of ticket sales for this year’s finals. (See map below)


What fans are traveling more to attend away games?

The Golden State fanbase seems to be the most enthusiastic of the two with Warriors fans buying up 15% more away game tickets compared to Cavs fans based on total ticket sales on StubHub to date.

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