StubHub’s 2017 MLB Mid-Season Report Look Ahead


As the All-Star Game on July 11th approaches, signaling the middle of the 2017 MLB season, we at StubHub have compiled a mid-season report, taking a look at ticket demand trends to date over the course of the season, highly in-demand teams, sales and travel trends; then we took a look ahead at what the rest of the season has in store..

If You Build It, They Will Come: Where are fans coming from for the All-Star Game?

Ticket sales on StubHub* for the All-Star game have been registered from 46 U.S. states and 13 countries:

Outside the U.S., sales registered from Mexico, Canada, and Brazil top the list from international countries.

Top Buyers by State:

  1. Florida – 50%
  2. California – 10%
  3. Illinois – 5%
  4. New York – 4.1%
  5. Texas – 3.8%

The game is commanding an average ticket price** of $472

*Based on total sales of tickets on StubHub as of July 5th
**Average price of all tickets that have been sold on StubHub

What has the season looked like so far?

 Most Popular MLB Teams Mid-Season***:

  1. Chicago Cubs Started out as #2 pre-season, clinched the #1 spot
  2. San Francisco Giants
  3. New York Yankees
  4. Boston Red Sox
  5. Los Angeles Dodgers Started out as #6 pre-season, moved into the top five teams for regular season, bumping the St. Louis Cardinals to #6
***Based on highest amount of ticket sales on StubHub, to date, this season

Historically, these teams have maintained their dominance.  At the mid-season point over the last four years, these very same teams have topped the list – with the exception of 2014 when the Cardinals replaced Chicago Cubs (which moved to #7 at the time).

MLB Top Team History v2

MLB Teams That Have Gained The Most Popularity Since Pre-Season****:

  1. Los Angeles Angels
  2. Houston Astros
  3. Minnesota Twins
  4. Oakland Athletics
  5. Miami Marlins
****Based on highest growth in StubHub ticket sales to-date since season start

MLB Venues That Have Welcomed The Most Out Of State Fans*****:

  1. Fenway Park (Home of the Boston Red Sox)
    • 66% of ticket sales have been generated by out of state fans; compared to 65% and 69% in 2016 and 2015, respectively
  2. Busch Stadium (Home of the Louis Cardinals)
  3. Kauffman Stadium (Home of the Kansas City Royals)
  4. Great American Ball Park (Home of the Cincinnati Reds)
  5. Oriole Park (Home of the Baltimore Orioles)
  6. Yankee Stadium (Home of the New York Yankees)
  7. Miller Park (Home of the Milwaukee Brewers)

Two Missouri Stadiums top the list: Busch and Kauffman Stadiums, homes to the Cardinals and Royals, respectively.

*****Based on the greatest percentage of ticket sales by out-of-state buyers over the course of this season. See figure below:

Venues for Out of Staters v2

What’s Ahead for the Remainder of the Regular Season?




  • New York Yankees are currently the #3 selling MLB team (started out #4 pre-season)
  • Yankees vs Red Sox games are the three most popular MLB games overall after the All-Star Game on July 11th
  • Top three Yankee home games after All-Star Game:


  • Top three Boston Red Sox games after the All-Star Game:
    • v New York Yankees (July 14-16th)
      • Least expensive average ticket price of the Yankees series at $97 on July 16th


  • Top three Los Angeles Dodgers games after the All-Star Game:
    • v San Francisco Giants (July 28-3th)
      • Least expensive average ticket price of the Giants series at $68 on July 30th


  • StubHub’s fifth highest growing team based on highest growth in ticket sales in the last three years; #13 in Total Sales
  • Houston Astros are currently the #13 selling MLB team
    • The team has gained popularity each year in the league based on ticket sales (2016 – #17, 2015 – #23, 2014 – #28)
  • There has been an increase in ticket purchases by Texans season after season for the last three years
  • Nearly 80% of home game ticket sales this season were purchased by Texan buyers (79% in 2016, 61% in 2015, 50% in 2014)
  • Top three Houston Astros home games after the All-Star Game:

Top Five Last Home Games Of The Regular Season:

  1. Toronto Blue Jays Last Home Game  – (New York Yankees at Toronto Blue Jays – on September 24th)
  2. San Francisco Giants Last Home Game – (San Diego Padres at San Francisco Giants – on October 1st)
    • Giants also had the second most popular opening day game this season after rival team, Los Angeles Dodgers
  3. Chicago Cubs Last Home Game – (Cincinnati Reds at Chicago Cubs – on October 1st)
    • Lowest average ticket price out of the top five last home games at $60
  4. New York Yankees Last Home Game – (Toronto Blue Jays at New York Yankees – on October 1st)
  5. Boston Red Sox Last Home Game – (Houston Astros at Boston Red Sox – on October 1st)

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