StubHub Releases ‘Immersive View’ AR Product to Event Planning Experience for Super Bowl Ticket Buyers

StubHub, the world’s largest live events marketplace, today launched its new immersive view product ahead of the NFL’s biggest game. A first for the ticketing industry, the offering leverages augmented reality to help event-goers visualize the stadium and surrounding area in downtown Minneapolis, providing an immersive planning experience before users even purchase a ticket.

With immersive view, event-goers can preview every aspect of their game day experience in Minneapolis – from parking and picking up their StubHub ticket, to attending StubHub’s pre-game event and finding their seating section in the stadium – right through their phone. It’s designed to be a practical tool that removes the guesswork that comes along with making preparations for and investment in a major event.

“StubHub’s immersive view experience not only demonstrates a practical use case for AR within ticketing and live events, but also serves as an important milestone for the industry,” said Matt Swann, CTO of StubHub. “When it comes to our users, we’re passionate about providing solutions in ticket buying and selling that offer a clear value. As the first ticketing player to implement this technology, we hope to further enhance the purchasing experience ahead of the biggest day in football.”

Beginning today, iOS users will see a prompt to access immersive view on the landing page for Super Bowl ticket buyers on the StubHub app. Once the user confirms camera access, the app will launch into the camera screen, and by pointing the device at an open surface, users can tap the screen and a 3D rendering of the stadium will appear.3-AR-Landscape-StadiumWhile using immersive view, users can toggle between the stadium and surrounding area, including venue parking lots and the blue and green Metro lines; StubHub’s ticket pickup location; and the brand’s pre-Super Bowl party, StubHub Live: The Field House. When users tap on a location within the experience, additional information – such as street address and event start time – will appear.4-AR-Landscape-MapImmersive view is an evolution of StubHub’s seat visualization product features that launched in spring 2016 with Virtual View. The experience provides users with a 360-degree view from their selected seats and is currently available for more than 260 venues across the US, Canada, Germany, and the UK, and is accessible within existing StubHub apps for iOS and Android.

Immersive view was built using ARKit for iOS. The app feature is currently available on iOS devices, including iPhone 6s and above, iPad (2017) and iPad Pro 9.7 and above. It can be downloaded from the App Store.


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