Now Announcing: SPORTOBER, the Busiest Month in Sports

October is the busiest month in sports – the only month of the year that all major sports leagues are in session.  In fact, it’s so busy, we’re already four days into the month and we’re just now getting to talking about it.  Alas, our NBA Preview rolled out yesterday and we have NCAA football, NFL and NHL all live.  Not to mention, MLB postseason is well underway.  Thus – it’s officially Sportober!

Did you know that over the last three years, StubHub has sold enough tickets for October sports events that they could stretch from New York City to Cincinnati, OH? We’re talking over 500 miles of tickets.  Over the course of this one month, we could fill Yankee Stadium 41 times with ticket holders.

With so much to experience – so many games to choose from and the opportunity to try a new arena, stadium or even an entirely new sport – StubHub has your back all month long.  Not only do we have the widest selection of tickets – you know that part – our social handles @StubHub across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook will be arming you with everything you need to take on the month.  But you don’t have to wait – you can also visit to handpick an Out of Office message to cover you for any game (or games) you may be attending this month.

So, we ask: how much sport can a sport fan sport if a sport fan can Sportober? You tell us.  Be sure to tag @StubHub and #Sportober when sharing your experiences and follow us for everything you need to get out and make the most of this glorious month!


For more information and questions related to Sportober or any event – please reach out to

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