Massachusetts Surpasses California As Top Purchasing State

Super Bowl Tickets Have Been Purchased by A Buyer in Every State 

Published January 28, 2019

We are getting close to Super Sunday with only six days to go until the Big Game. Since we last provided ticket updates on Friday, the weekend has seen an uptick in purchases, with a ticket buyer now represented by every state for the Big Game! That’s right, StubHub ticket sales trends show there has been a ticket purchased from fans in all 50 states. In addition, Massachusetts buyers now represent more of the tickets sold than California buyers. Breaking down the latest trends:

  • Massachusetts Buyers Take Over: Massachusetts takes over the lead from California to become the top purchasing state with 17% of all tickets sold for the big game and nearly 40% more tickets bought than the number of tickets purchased by California buyers. 
  • 14 countries outside of the U.S.have purchased a ticket, with Mexico in the lead. 
  • 2,800 tickets currently available for purchase on StubHub.
  • Price to get in has is now at $2,789for Upper Corner seats.
  • The average ticket price of tickets sold is $4,663

“At StubHub, we’re seeing both national and increasing international interest in attending a bucket list event like the Super Bowl,” said Scott Jablonski, General Manager of the NFL Business for StubHub.“A ticket purchase has been made by a fan in every one of the 50 states on StubHub and in over 14 countries outside of the U.S. with Mexico, Canada, and Brazil leading the way. Fans are coming from far and wide for what is considered one of the most notable bucket list events in the world.” 

We will continue to post updates daily leading up to Super Sunday. Stay tuned!

As always, as an authorized ticket resale marketplace of the NFL, StubHub encourages fans to practice safe ticket buying. Follow these tips to get into the Big Game!

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