Super Bowl Remains More Affordable Bucket List Ticket Two Days Out

2,600 tickets still available; $2,300 Get-in price

Published February 1, 2019

Two days to go until kickoff for one of the world’s biggest sporting events. International demand for the game continues to rise with ticket buyers from 18 countries as far as Australia, China, and Japan. Tickets this year remain more affordable than Super Bowl LIII with the average ticket price down 15 percent from this time last year.

Here’s a look at the numbers today:

  • Average price of tickets sold is $4,483.
  • 2,600 tickets currently available with tickets available for purchase 60 minutes after kickoff, while tickets last!
  • Get-in price is $2,279 for Upper Corner.
  • 18 countries have purchased tickets, +1 since yesterday with tickets purchased from a new buyer in China.
  • The least expensive ticket sold is currently $2,000 for Upper Corner seats.
  • Most expensive sold ticket sold remains at $20k for SunTrust Club.
  • Massachusetts remains the top purchasing state with 18% of all tickets sold.
  • 12% of tickets purchased are from California buyers and 1% of tickets sold come from buyers in the Rams old home of St. Louis, Missouri.

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