StubHub Continues to See Last-Minute Sales Momentum in Last Days Before Big Game

Yesterday Saw Biggest Sales Spike Since Championship Games, 30% of Sales Have Happened in the Last Five Days

1,600 tickets still available; $2,900 Get-in price

Published February 2, 2019

TOMORROW IS THE BIG DAY! While you might think that tickets are now in attendees’ hands, that’s not always the case – events like this almost always see a big spike in sales during the last-minute window.

In fact, at StubHub, 30% of sales have occurred in the last five days and yesterday marked our biggest sales day since the day after the Championship games. We expect to see many new buyers today and tomorrow, maintaining this last-minute sales momentum. StubHub tickets are sold until 60 minutes after kickoff, as long as we still have supply on the site. Last year, we made our last sale at the end of the first quarter.

“With over 100 staff on the ground here in Atlanta, we’ve spent the last week doing our diligence in ensuring the legitimacy of all the tickets we are selling,” said Scott Jablonski, StubHub general manager of the NFL Business. “Today, ticket buyers are picking up these tickets and it’s important for us to make sure they have as smooth of an experience as possible. With 30% of our Super Bowl ticket sales occurring in the last few days, we expect to see continued momentum in demand, even well into gametime.”

In preparation for getting tickets into fans’ hands, StubHub has been onsite in Atlanta for a full week with over 100 staff. We spent the last few days getting the physical tickets in hand from sellers, then validating each ticket through a series of security measures and mapping it to its buyer. This process ensures a smooth experience for both our buyers and sellers, and is one of the many ways we back up our FanProtect Guarantee.

On Saturday at 10AM EST, we opened our doors to buyers and the first tickets were picked up amid cheers. Buyers have poured in throughout the day and will continue through tomorrow, with many returning for our free ATL Tailgate that’s included with every ticket purchase.

Here’s a look at the most recent numbers heading into kickoff day:

  • Average price of tickets sold is $4,380 compared to $5,309 this time last year
  • 1,660 tickets currently available
  • Get-in price has gone up slightly to $2,900 for Upper Corner
  • 18 countries have purchased tickets
  • Least expensive ticket sold is currently $2,000 for Upper Corner
  • Most expensive ticket sold is still $20k for SunTrust Club
  • Massachusetts remains the top-purchasing state with 18% of all tickets sold with California buyers trailing at 12% of tickets sold.

Fans still interested in catching the game should check out our app – especially the new iOS 3D feature – and set price alerts to keep an eye on ticket prices.

As always, as an authorized ticket resale marketplace of the NFL, StubHub encourages fans to practice safe ticket buying. Follow these tips to get into the Big Game!

If you have any questions regarding Super Bowl LIII, please reach out to

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