StubHub’s City Guides Offer Localized Event Curation for Those Staying Locally This Summer

Millennials are reducing summer travel more than any other generation. Only 30% of respondents in new StubHub study have been to most intimate music and theatre venues in their own backyard.

Summer travel is upon us…or so you’d think.  A recent study from StubHub finds that nearly 50% of respondents are not planning to travel this summer.  Millennials, in particular, are planning to reduce their travel this summer more than any other generation, with nearly 45% traveling less than ordinary.  What’s more, the study also finds that locals are failing to visit intimate live music and theatre venues that are right in their own backyard.  

Fortunately, StubHub’s “Live Like a Tourist” campaign and summer promo are helping take the pain out of staying close. New City Guide pages at are offering locals curated content, tips for exploring the neighborhood venues and locally curated events to explore this summer. To get the planning and exploring kicked off, StubHub is offering a summer promo that can save up to $100 on a purchase this weekend with code Summer19 at checkout.

Curious what the most under-visited venues are? We broke it down by Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. Check it out:





We found that theatre venues are drastically under-visited across all three cities.  

  • Particularly in Los Angeles and Chicago, where more than ¾ of respondents hadn’t been to a theatre venue.
  • In New York, the number was slightly better with only 44% of NY locals have been to a theater for a Broadway show. As the Broadway capital of the world, we at StubHub highly recommend seeking out a show ASAP. Classics like Kiss Me Kate and Lion King and a newcomer like Harry Potter and the Cursed Child can provide great entertainment on a rainy summer afternoon.  
    • Take a swing by the StubHub flagship store in Times Square where ticket giveaways will be happening next week, after this weekend’s Tony Awards or even just to learn more about events to checkout from StubHub’s helpful ambassadors.

Between these lists and the summer promo, who isn’t inspired to start exploring a new venue?


StubHub’s Live Like a Tourist survey was fielded in partnership with Ipsos, through Ipsos’s U.S. Omnibus survey. The study was fielded online from May 30th – June 4th, 2019. The sample was comprised of 1874 participants, including 1,004 nationally representative participants, plus sample supplements in key markets of interest (n=301 for Chicago, n=335 in LA, n=372 in NY).

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