StubHub’s 2019 College Football Preview: Georgia

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The countdown to college football season is on. With only two weeks before the first kickoff of 2019, StubHub has the latest insights surrounding the hottest teams, most-anticipated matchups and this year’s exciting trends in Division I football, based on StubHub’s sales trends to date. 

New for the 2019 season are StubHub’s partnerships with the University of Minnesota, Wake Forest University and Washington State University. As a trusted partner of more than 70 NCAA schools, StubHub is a trusted and credible source for tickets to college football games. More in-depth highlights can be found in StubHub’s comprehensive preview below.


After losing the number one spot last year, Michigan is back as StubHub’s most in-demand college football team of 2019. Georgia and Texas both have significant sales increases, and the Top 10 list has two new additions. 


  1. Georgia is #2 on list for the first time ever
    1. More than doubling sales from last year.
    2. 9/21 game vs. Notre Dame is second-highest selling game of the entire NCAAF season.
    3. Only trails #1 Michigan by 4%.
  2. SEC Tops Conference List 
    1. Top selling conference for first time ever.
    2. Outselling Big Ten by 34%.
    3. Georgia surpasses Alabama as the #1 most in-demand SEC school this year by 85%.
  3. More on Georgia
    1. FL/GA game #6 neutral site game .
    2. The state of Georgia ranks second for all college football sales .
    3. Georgia vs. Vanderbilt game is #3 top selling Week 1 game.
    4. Georgia Tech at Clemson is #8 most in-demand Week 1 game. 

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