StubHub launches Pricing Assistant and Sell It Now to make it even easier to sell tickets to live events

Best-in-class seller tools are rolling out across events in North America now 

SAN FRANCISCO – November 6 – StubHub is making it easier than ever to sell tickets on its platform with the rollout of two new optional tools for sellers: Pricing Assistant and Sell It Now.

History of seller tools at StubHub

When selling tickets on StubHub’s online marketplace, fans set the price. But finding the right price to attract buyers without leaving money on the table can be tricky. Sellers found that things change rapidly in the business of live events that initial listing price may no longer be reflective of the landscape; the ticket is either priced too high, making it undesirable to buyers, or it’s priced below other similar tickets, undercutting the seller. Who has the time to continuously adjust the price of a ticket? 

We’ve heard from sellers that they’d like more help finding that sweet spot. 

Pricing Assistant

That’s why StubHub is launching Pricing Assistant to give sellers the option to have the listing price automatically adjust as the event landscape shifts. This tool is powered by StubHub’s nearly 20 years of historic sales data on live experiences and ticket prices. 

“As a concert goer and StubHub customer, I felt our fans’ pain about the guesswork and constant maintenance that goes into effectively pricing a ticket to sell,” said Raj De, Technical Product Manager for StubHub sellers. “Pricing Assistant solves a major frustration for sellers that now makes selling your ticket at a competitive price seamless.”

Image showing Pricing Assistant enabled

Sell It Now

But for some fans, waiting for a ticket to sell can be stressful, even if it’s appropriately priced, and they’d prefer to sell the ticket immediately for the peace of mind. Sell It Now is designed for these fans. As a ticket marketplace, StubHub has a unique opportunity to identify buyers interested in buying seats similar to those you are listing at a certain price. If we find a match, we’ll show you the offer. You can choose to accept the offer and complete your sale, or you can choose to decline the offer and list your ticket on our marketplace at your preferred price.

“By adding Pricing Assistant and Sell It Now to our range of seller tools , StubHub now offers an option for any fan who wants to sell their ticket,” said Neal McSherry, Group Product Manager at StubHub. “With the wealth of data that informs these tools, they’re the sharpest in the industry, and will only get smarter as we add more and more event history to our data repository.”

Pop-up that displays when Sell It Now is available

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