StubHub Introduces New Social Tools To Make Planning, Organizing and Attending Events More Engaging

New Facebook and iMessage Integrations, as well as a Facebook Messenger Chatbot, Help Fans Better Connect Over Live Experiences


SAN FRANCISCOAPRIL 11, 2017StubHub, the world’s largest ticket marketplace, today announced the launch of its new social suite of tools, which helps fans seamlessly discover, share and plan live event experiences with friends. StubHub’s new integration with Facebook, its new iMessage app, and a new Facebook Messenger chatbot will bring people closer together around the live events they love.


Available with the latest update of the StubHub app, the new social tools enable users to connect with their Facebook friends within the StubHub app to see which events they are planning on attending, as well as which artists, teams and venues are of interest to them. This integration builds on StubHub’s Facebook login functionality that was introduced last year as the foundation to build a more socially connected experience on StubHub.

“Live events are inherently social experiences, and our new social suite of tools helps StubHub customers better connect with their friends to plan and attend their favorite live events,” said Mats Nilsson, head of product, UX and PMO at StubHub. “As live events continue to increase in popularity for the value they contribute to creating incredible memories, StubHub is innovating our experience to make it easier, more fun and more social to live life LIVE.”


In addition, StubHub launched the StubHub app within iMessage, which allows users to easily browse events and quickly share multiple ticket options with friends through iMessage. With iMessage, the “planner” can select up to five sets of ticket options and send to their friends to compare and vote. The “recipients” receive an iMessage that opens the StubHub app, and lets them view and vote on their favorite seating option. Once recipients cast their votes, the results are automatically sent back to the planner within iMessage, and any member of the group can move forward to purchase the tickets through StubHub — all without leaving the iMessage app.


Also announced today, StubHub has developed and launched its second chatbot as a new way to connect with customers and help them discover the best live events. Built on key learnings from its Skype chatbot, StubHub’s new Facebook Messenger chatbot serves as a personal event concierge, asking questions and recommending local and upcoming events based on the information that a user supplies. StubHub’s Facebook Messenger experience caters to on-the-go consumers, swiftly providing relevant, highly personalized options, streamlining event discovery and checkout, and making it easier to plan a night out.


About StubHub

At StubHub, our mission is simple: help fans find fun. We connect fans with their favorite teams, shows and artists and introduce them to the ones they’ll love next. As the largest ticket marketplace in the world, we enable fans to buy and sell tickets to tens of thousands of events, whenever they want, through our desktop and mobile experiences, including our StubHub app for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Android. Offering a superior fan experience at its core, StubHub reinvented the ticket resale market in 2000 and continues to lead it through innovation. Our industry firsts include the introduction of the first ticketing application, the first interactive seat mapping tool and the first live entertainment rewards program, Fan Rewards™. Our business partners include more than 130 properties in MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS and NCAA, plus AEG, AXS and Spectra Ticketing & Fan Engagement. With the acquisition of Ticketbis in August 2016, throughout the world, StubHub provides the total end-to-end event going experience. StubHub is an eBay company (NASDAQ: EBAY).  For more information on StubHub, visit or follow @StubHub on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or

For Those About to Rock, We’ll Connect You: The Role of Tech in Live Music Today

By Scott Cutler, President of StubHub
Originally published on LinkedIn, Feb. 10, 2017

It’s 1987, and I’m at my first concert – Billy Idol and The Cult. They’re taking the U.S. by storm on their national tour. Billy is riding high on his new-found American fame, and he takes the stage to power through a few chart-toppers: “White Wedding,” “Rebel Yell,” “Eyes Without a Face.” Though this is my first live show, I know that this is it: I’m finally experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime event that I’ll remember forever. The roar and push of the crowd, the feel of the bass, Billy’s fist pumps right there in front of me – I’m invigorated in a way that a vinyl record could never make me feel. I don’t stop smiling for the entire show. In awe of the talent I just witnessed, I think to myself, “Wow – this is one of the most memorable moments of my life.”

I didn’t know it then, but I’d eventually go on to lead a company that empowers other passionate music-lovers worldwide to experience this same feeling – a concert high that only comes with seeing your favorite artist rock a stage. If you had told me in 1987 that 30 years later I’d be watching Lady Gaga take the Super Bowl LI halftime show to new heights – literally – I would have never believed you. It would have sounded almost as outlandish as saying that 300 drones would be flying around Gaga as she performed. But wait… I saw that, too!

Indeed, tech in the live music industry has changed dramatically since that Billy Idol tour back in the ‘80s, and dancing drones at the Super Bowl are just the start. As streaming continues to overtake digital downloads, which long ago replaced physical CDs as our primary format for listening to music, artists will search for ways to find worldwide popularity in an industry that is inundated with new performers on every platform, every day. How can a rising star get into Spotify’s “Discover Weekly,” and will the momentum from that visibility drive concert ticket sales?

As streaming continues to strengthen, the role of mobile and social media in music will only become more important. At StubHub, we got ahead of the mobile trend and made our app a powerful way to tap into technology and surface well-known acts and up-and-comers to millions of customers around the world. We also see social media driving growth in live events because being there live and in person matters.  Being there in person provides social currency which we value and use to define us as unique individuals.  As concert-goers share live video feeds, snap the best moments and broadcast commentary globally, demand for in-person live events will continue to rise.

I also expect that as new and even more sophisticated technologies are applied to everyday uses, AI will secure its place as a technology influence within music. Across other industries, companies are already using smart data to predict consumer behavior. We see this in the recommendations tools on audio streaming services. Next, we’re bound to witness the application of this intelligence in the end-to-end music experience. For example, we’ve started to see AI technology being leveraged for chatbot integrations that provide instant recommendations to consumers who are deciding which live events to attend. And with AI like IBM’s Watson beginning to play a role in song composition, the music industry is sure to see the influence of intelligent tech behind the scenes as well.

I’d argue that the global music scene has been applying futuristic technologies even beyond what we’re generally familiar with in the U.S. For example in South Korea, K-pop stars are performing at their concerts virtually via hologram. These stars reach their super-fans at concerts that, aside from missing the physical presence of the band, are incredibly real: the music is bumping, the venue is packed, and the hologram is life-sized and life-like. While some acts only tour once every few years – don’t get me started on how excited I am about another Guns N’ Roses reunion tour – artists like Jaejoong, G-Dragon, and Psy are hosting concerts every day to thousands of fans who love to see their favorite singer in augmented reality.

At StubHub, we’re advancing all of these technologies – mobile, social, and virtual reality – to provide event-goers with the best possible experience at a live event. From our “virtual view” seat view tool to mobile browse and checkout, our technological advancements have enhanced event discovery, streamlined ticketing, and ultimately heightened all phases of the fan experience.

Tech is only going to continue to grow in significance in today’s digital world. Everyone in the industry is tasked with empowering fans to have seamless access to the once-in-a-lifetime experiences they want to attend. At StubHub, we know that our tech will be there for you before, during, and after the concert: we’ll get you there, elevate your experience, and ensure you’ll never forget it. We see ourselves as the ultimate connection between fans and today’s hottest shows.

This weekend, I’m heading to the 59th Annual Grammy Awards, where Adele is bound to blow the roof off the Staples Center. Tributes to Prince, George Michael, and Leonard Cohen will remind us the great talent we’ve lost, and we’ll see Beyonce astound us as usual. As I watch these performers set the new standard for live music experiences, I’ll be thinking ahead another 30 years to imagine what musical performances will look like then.

And while I don’t think Billy Idol will make an appearance, if he shows up via hologram, you can bet I’ll be cheering louder than anyone else.

Ticketbis Rebranded to StubHub

Rebrand marks next phase of integration between the companies


FEB. 1, 2017 – SAN FRANCISCO – StubHub (an eBay company) announced today that it has rebranded Ticketbis, the Spain-based ticket marketplace it acquired in 2016, to StubHub. This milestone, effective today, represents the latest step in the integration process between the two companies.


“StubHub is making solid progress in our goal to integrate Ticketbis into our platform, and to give consumers access to the world’s largest catalog of live events,” said Scott Cutler, president of StubHub. “This phase marks a significant step in introducing Ticketbis customers to the StubHub brand, and extending to them access to the performers, artists and athletes they love, no matter where they live, or where they want to travel.”


StubHub is the world’s largest online ticket marketplace, and sells 1.3 tickets per second, across more than 300,000 live events. With this phase of the StubHub-Ticketbis integration, consumers who use StubHub will benefit from websites in their local language and currency, as well as the safety and security offered by the StubHub FanProtect guarantee, which ensures that consumers can buy and sell confidently, knowing that StubHub guarantees their transaction and will make things right in the rare event that something goes wrong.


In future phases, StubHub expects to fully integrate the Ticketbis platform and catalog of events onto the StubHub platform, and to launch a global app to surface live events around the world, wherever StubHub is available.

StubHub and Xolos de Tijuana partner for the first official ticket marketplace in Mexican futbol

This news was previously released in Mexico.

México, Jan. 4, 2017 – Just after the first games of the Clausura 2017 tournament, global ticket marketplace  StubHub (eBay Inc) has announced a new partnership with the Mexico-based futbol club, Xolos de Tijuana, to create the first official ticket marketplace for Xolos tickets. With this agreement, becomes the official site for local and international consumers to resell and buy tickets to Xolos home games. This is the first time that a Mexico-based futbol club has selected an official ticket marketplace.

This partnership is a natural fit for StubHub and Xolos, as both brands emphasize innovative approaches that connect people through inspiring event experiences:

“StubHub is committed to connecting people to inspiring live experiences, and by partnering with Xolos, we are giving more people access to an incredible team,” said Miguel Medina, head of business development for StubHub in Mexico. “Xolos wants to enable the buying and selling of tickets in a secure way that makes it possible for even more people to experience a live match at the Estadio Caliente, and StubHub’s global presence expands Xolos’ influence to consumers in nearly 50 countries around the world.”

Beginning with the Clausura 2017, Xolos season pass holders can list their full passes, or tickets for individual games, on When season pass holders list an individual game, will generate an electronic ticket for the buyer to get into the specific game, and will cancel the eligibility of the season pass for that specific game. In order to get into the stadium, the buyer needs to print the e-ticket and bring hard copies. Consumers can be confident that they’ll be able to enter the individual game without issue.

Club Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles de Caliente, with the firm conviction to provide a better service to their followers, avoiding limitations in the sale of season and individual tickets to attend games in the Estadio Caliente, took the decision of establishing one of the most important partnerships that aims to expand and increase the number of followers in and out of Mexico,” said Esteban de Anda, Director de Alianzas Comerciales y Comunicación del Club Tijuana. “One of the main goals, and probably the most important one, is to provide a full service based on the availability of platforms to serve both the primary and the secondary ticket markets, where our fans will find a unique, easy and fast service to buy their season or individual tickets. No matter where they are, our followers will always find more options to find tickets for our games. Although there is still a ticket box available in the field, fans can now buy their tickets from their computer, tablet or smartphone using both credit and debit card and the purchase can be made in and out of the country,” continued de Anda.


StubHub, an eBay-owned Company, entered into the partnership with Xolos to show its commitment to Mexico and its ability to give consumer there even more choice and access to the events they want to attend. In August 2016, StubHub acquired Ticketbis, a Spain-based ticket marketplace that had been in Mexico since 2012. StubHub and Ticketbis are integrating their platforms in a phased approach, and the agreement with Xolos represents one of the first platform integrations, with tickets available on


StubHub Releases Second Annual Year in Live Events Report: In a Year of Firsts, Lasts and Milestone Events, Consumers Are Spending More Than Ever on Live Event Experiences


Peyton Manning and Kobe Bryant’s Last Games, a Historic World Series, First UFC Fight in New York City and a First-Ever Music Festival of Legacy Acts Mark Milestone Events

DEC. 14, 2016 – SAN FRANCISCOStubHub, the world’s largest ticket marketplace, today revealed its second annual Year In Live Events (YILE) report, which found that consumers, globally, are spending more than ever on live event experiences in a year marked by firsts, lasts and historic milestone events.  The top-10 selling events of the year in the U.S. on StubHub were sports events, led by Super Bowl 50, which outsold last year’s Super Bowl by 7%, and the World Series, which was the highest-selling World Series ever on StubHub.  Adele led all the music acts with the #1-selling tour spot and the runaway Broadway hit, Hamilton: An American Musical, drove at least four times the sales of any other theater production in company history. International NFL games and fútbol matches led as the top five international events with the highest sales from U.S. ticket buyers.

“At StubHub, we are driven by one purpose:  to connect people to inspiring event experiences,” said Scott Cutler, president of StubHub.  “2016 has been a remarkable year, underscored by once-in-a-lifetime events that have demonstrated our customers’ innate desire to make life’s richest memories happen live at sports, concerts and performing arts events.  As these experiences play an increasingly meaningful role in our lives, StubHub is committed to leading in innovation, premium products and partnerships to make access to a life rich in live experiences easier than ever.”

  • According to a survey of international consumers, globally, consumers have increased spend on live events by 8% in the last year.
  • Additional StubHub consumer insights and sales trends show that the event-going experience is becoming increasingly connected by mobile, driven by social connections and an influencer of travel plans.
  • Around the world, StubHub reports that mobile usage to purchase tickets is up, and users who switch from desktop to buying in the StubHub app tend to buy more tickets and spend more money.
  • Regardless of region, buyers are willing to travel more than two hours to a live event of their choice, with buyers in Italy having the highest tendency to travel for events, buyers in the UK spending the most money on international events and Spanish buyers proving to be the most socially oriented, with the highest tendency to buy in advance and attend events in groups.

Across all live events, the past year has been highlighted by milestone and historic events that are unrivaled in years past, including  Super Bowl 50, which was also the last game played by Peyton Manning, Kobe Bryant’s final home game, championship appearances for Cleveland in basketball and baseball, UFC taking its first match to New York City, the Cubs’ historic showing and win in the World Series, Desert Trip’s first year, a popular COPA America, and the Broadway phenomenon of Hamilton: An American Musical. A recent third-party survey, commissioned by StubHub, shows that events like these are driving fans’ happiness, with 88% of respondents saying live events make them happy and named their first concert as their best memory over first kiss and first job.


*List represents top events in the U.S. based on total value of ticket sales on StubHub for each event

(StubHub’s Top 10 Events in 2015: 1. Super Bowl XLIX; 2. World Series Game 3; 3. World Series Game 4; 4. World Series Game 5; 5. Mayweather v Pacquiao; 6. 2015 College Football Championship; 7. World Series Game 2; 8. NHL Stanley Cup Final; 9. New England Patriots v Dallas Cowboys (10/11); 10. 2015 Cotton Bowl College Football Semifinal (Alabama v Michigan State)

Top music events in 2016 were dominated by music festivals with the mainstay festivals – Coachella and Lollapalooza – maintaining their top positions, and newcomer Desert Trip coming in with sales that rivaled both. Artist tours were highlighted by Adele and dominated by nostalgic legacy acts including Springsteen, Billy Joel, Guns N Roses and Pearl Jam, as well as pop including Bieber, Beyoncé, Drake and Coldplay. Luke Bryan was the only country act to break the top-10 tour list; Luke Bryan and Billy Joel are the only acts returning from the top 10 in 2015.


*List represents top music tours in the U.S. based on total value of ticket sales in the U.S. on StubHub

(StubHub’s Top 10 Tours in 2015: 1. Taylor Swift ; 2. Garth Brooks ; 3. Billy Joel; 4. U2; 5. Ed Sheeran; 6. Luke Bryan; 7. The Grateful Dead; 8. Kenny Chesney; 9. One Direction; 10. Rolling Stones)

 Top Selling International Events*

  1. Oakland Raiders vs. Houston Texans (Mexico City on 11/22)
  2. Barcelona vs. Atlético de Madrid (Barcelona on 4/5)
  3. Arsenal vs. Chelsea (London on 9/24)
  4. Barcelona vs. Real Madrid (Barcelona on 4/2)
  5. Chelsea vs. Liverpool (London on 9/16)

*List represents the international events with the highest sales generated by U.S. buyers on Ticketbis

The theatre category grew the most in 2016 but the greatest amount of ticket sales were generated in the concert segment of the StubHub business:


*List generated by total ticket sales across event type in the U.S. on StubHub

2016 Top Growing Genres*

  1. Theater
  2. Music Festivals
  3. Motor Sports
  4. Soccer
  5. Concerts

*List represents most growth in total ticket sales since 2015 across event type in the U.S. on StubHub


  • Kobe’s last game generated nearly 25% of the total sales for the Lakers season and sold twice as many tickets than the NBA Finals game this year.
  • Sales for this year’s World Series were 160% higher the 2015 World Series and were 85% higher than the 2014 World Series (SF Giants v Kansas City Royals), which previously held the lead as the highest sales for a World Series on StubHub.
  • Tickets to the final game of the World Series were purchased by a buyer in every state within the U.S. (including Alaska and Hawaii) and from 12 different countries.
  • Adele’s highest-selling single-tour date was Sept. 23 at Madison Square Garden in New York City.
  • The top-selling, single-day music event overall was for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band on March 28 at Madison Square Garden in New York City.
  • Metallica’s Aug. 20 show at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis also outsold Adele’s highest-selling tour date.
  • Luke Bryan was the best deal of the top-10 artists with the lowest average ticket price across his U.S. dates while Adele generated the highest average ticket price, earning her nearly three times the total sales of Luke Bryan but with 16 fewer dates than Bryan.
  • With the fewest number of dates, Pearl Jam had nearly one-fourth the number of dates as Luke Bryan who came in behind the rock group at #10, but the group was able to command nearly twice the average ticket price as Bryan.
  • Coachella remained the biggest music festival and Desert Trip’s arrival generated a comparable level of demand that’s unique for a newcomer festival.

Data provided throughout this release is compiled from StubHub and Ticketbis sales data and consumer buying habits, StubHub consumer insights studies surveys and buying trends from 2015 through 2016, and StubHub international strategic research on consumer behavior.

StubHub Global Survey Finds Live Experiences Hold the Keys to Happiness

People around the world say that live event experiences lead to greater happiness and human connection than the use of social media or mobile phones

SAN FRANCISCO — Oct. 18, 2016 – StubHub, the world’s largest ticket marketplace, and consumer insights firm Trendera today released the results of a new global study that demonstrate the power of live experiences on happiness and social connection. Exploring the attitudes and behaviors of consumers in 20 cities around the world, the study highlights the extreme – and often surprising – lengths to which people would go to see their favorite acts, including giving up daily technology use, toilet paper, relationships and more.

Survey respondents offered compelling reasons for prioritizing live experiences over regular life routines, reporting that: Live experiences have a deeply meaningful impact on their emotions and memories; sharing live experiences with friends is increasingly important; and attending live events is a benefit that stretches across borders.

“One of the biggest trends we’re seeing at StubHub is that live experiences are an increasingly valuable way to enrich people’s lives, especially because of the incredible memories they create,” said Jess Tassell, StubHub Director of ’Think’. “Around the world, people are placing a premium on live events, participating more and more in the so-called ‘experience economy,’ and sharing a surprising willingness to give up basic human comforts for up-close-and-personal experiences with their favorite artists and athletes.”

Key findings from StubHub’s new study include:

  1. Live experiences have a direct impact on our emotions and create lasting memories.
  • Musical magic. Survey results showed that music sparks the most positive emotions out of all types of events: 62% of all respondents said that attending a concert makes them happy, vs. 49% for sports.
    • Females more musically inclined. This is particularly true for women: 66% of female respondents said that concerts make them happy, vs. 58% of men.
    • Festivals draw a younger crowd. Young people responded similarly to musical happiness: 18-24-year-olds were more likely to say that going to a festival makes them happy than other age groups.
  • Memories add up. 75% of respondents cited making unforgettable memories as the best part about attending a live event.
    • There’s something to be said for the past. Respondents named their first concert as their best memory (35%), over their first job (33%) and their first kiss (32%).

According to StubHub's new global survey, the majority of respondents said their first memory is their first concert.


2. Sharing live event experiences with friends is increasingly important, especially on social media.

  • Live experiences have become inextricably linked with social media and mobile, and nearly one-third (31%) of respondents said that sharing these experiences over social media was one of the best parts of attending an event.
  • Experiences are a new form of social currency. 83% of respondents would prefer to post on social media about a live sports, music, or theater event than about a purchased material good.
    • Social skews younger, too. Social sharing is most prevalent among young people: While all age groups ranked high for social sharing, 88% of respondents between the ages of 18 and 24 were more likely to post about a live event on their social media accounts than older age groups.

3. The inspiration of live experiences knows no bounds.

  • Outside the U.S. Fans from all corners of the globe care about sharing experiences with their peers: 80% of respondents from countries outside the U.S. said they prefer to tell their friends about an experience instead of a purchase (vs. 74% in the U.S.).
  • World travelers. International respondents were significantly more likely than those in the U.S. to travel internationally for an event: More than half (51%) said they were willing to travel outside the country for a major championship, mega-concert, or music festival, in contrast to only 27% of U.S. respondents.
  • Fútbol scores with international audience: Globally, fútbol (“soccer” in the U.S.) is the most popular sport, as respondents would choose the FIFA World Cup (25%) over the Olympics (24%), the Super Bowl (14%), or the NBA Finals (10%) if given the opportunity to attend any sporting event.

Fans’ affinity for live experiences proved to be stronger than a number of day-to-day human behaviors, needs and even hygiene.

The survey found that fans would go to extreme lengths for VIP experiences to see their favorite artist play live or to see their favorite sports team or player play in a championship game:

Classic – and somewhat concerning – behavior change: See their favorite MUSICIAN/BAND of all time play live See their favorite SPORTS TEAM or PLAYER play in a title game
Work on a major holiday: 45% 36%
Delete social media for a month: 42% 31%
Give up mobile phone for a week: 35% 28%
Give up drinking for a year: 33% 27%
Go without sex for a month: 26% 19%
Go without Wi-Fi for a month: 26% 22%
Give up toilet paper for a week: 11% 11%
Go without showering for a month: 12% 15%
Break up with their partner: 7% 7%



Other things respondents were willing to give up for VIP experiences include: promotions at work, international vacations and favorite foods.




StubHub’s global survey was compiled in partnership with brand strategy firm Trendera in July 2016. Two thousand individuals were surveyed from 20 key U.S. and international markets, including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, Boston, Miami, Phoenix, Washington DC, Barcelona, London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Lima, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Sydney, and Toronto.


The Live Event Study was conducted online and fielded over the course of approximately three weeks in July 2016. We spoke to 2,000 18-45-year-olds across 20 markets (10 of which were international) and accordingly the survey was translated into five different languages. Respondents used either a computer or mobile phone to take the survey.


WHAT MAKES PEOPLE HAPPY (respondents were able to select more than one):

  • 62% of all respondents said that attending a concert makes them happy, over playing video games (49%) and spending time on social media (47%).

WHICH EVENTS MAKE PEOPLE HAPPIEST (respondents were able to select more than one):

  • Concerts: 62%
  • Festivals: 51%
  • Sporting events: 49%

WHICH EVENTS PEOPLE WOULD LIKE TO ATTEND MORE OF (respondents were able to select more than one):

  • Concerts: 29%
  • Festivals: 26%
  • Sporting events: 22%
  • Broadway play or theater: 21%
  • Comedy show: 20%


  • 76% of respondents would rather meet their favorite musical artist than meet the next president.


  • 73% of respondents would rather attend a live event with Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.


  • 54% would rather see their favorite sports team win a championship than see their preferred presidential candidate win the election.




  • One in four men (25%) say that one of the best parts about live events is impressing a date.


  • Hard-to-get tickets to a popular concert: 53%
  • Hard-to-get tickets to a sporting event: 27%
  • Hard-to-get reservations to a popular restaurant: 19%

DATING DOS & DONTSDATES THAT WOULD MAKE FRIENDS JEALOUS (respondents were able to select up to three):

  • Seeing a concert: 40%
  • Going to a sporting event: 29%
  • Spa day: 24%
  • Going to the beach: 23%
  • Trying a trendy restaurant: 21%
  • Seeing a show/play: 17%


  • Concert: 37%
  • Sporting Event: 22%
  • Festival: 15%
  • Comedy Show: 13%
  • Play: 10%


  • 44% of respondents prefer to take a significant other to an event over a friend (24%) or a sibling (6%) to a concert.


  • Out of the country: 40% total; 27% U.S.; 51% international
  • Out of state: 33% total; 46% U.S.; 22% international
  • Out of town: 22% total; 22% U.S.; 22% international
  • None of the above: 5% total; 5% U.S.; 5% international




StubHub Launches First Ticketing App for Apple TV

App encourages people to get off the couch and discover their ticket out

OCT. 3, 2016 – SAN FRANCISCO – With mobile becoming an integral part of the event experience, StubHub today announced the first ticketing app for Apple TV. Designed to be purposefully different from its core mobile app experiences, the new StubHub app for Apple TV is less transactional and more emotional – and encourages people to browse and discover events nearby or in a city aross the U.S.

Specially designed for 4th gen Apple TV, the new StubHub app builds on the theory that the best screen is life-size. It takes advantage of a large-format TV screen to showcase event imagery and an energetic, highly visual design aesthetic within StubHub’s new, dynamic brand look and feel.

In creating this design aesthetic, StubHub’s designers and engineers had to consider new use cases for Apple TV and design for the person who isn’t sure what they want to do, or who needs extra motivation to get out of the house. The design was tested and iterated through several rounds of user feedback, in which StubHub designers added the side-scroll interface for browsing within a seating section of a specific event, and included high-resolution seat maps on the listing cards so consumers could get a clear idea of the view from the section in which they were considering tickets.

“We know that most people will be interacting with our app from their couch, as they’re looking for something to do, so we kept the StubHub app for Apple TV focused on browsability and discovery, to better motivate people to get up and get out,” said Marcus Shelksohn, director of mobile product. “The StubHub design team wanted to create a more custom interface to reflect the emotional nature of event discovery – and the result is an engaging look and feel that maximizes event imagery and seat maps, and is highly intuitive to navigate.”

As consumers rely even more on their mobile devices to research, access and share their live experiences, StubHub’s goal is to be everywhere their customers are, across multiple screens via multiple devices. For example, StubHub and third-party data shows:

  • Over the next few years, mobile will account for more than 50% of digital tickets purchased1.
  • Fifty-two percent of concert-goers use their mobile devices to look up details about shows2.

The new StubHub app for Apple TV expands on StubHub’s goal to connect consumers to inspiring experiences, and for event-goers to be able to access their favorite events, artists and performers on nearly any screen.


1,2StubHub: The Year in Live Events, 2015