Super Bowl LI and 2017 NFL Playoffs Ticket Demand and Prices on StubHub – January 10th, 2017

NFL Wild Card weekend is complete. The Seahawks, Texans, Packers, Steelers will all advance to play another week. Teams playing their first home playoff games, thanks to their bye weeks last week, include the Falcons, Patriots, Chiefs, and Cowboys. That means the two Texas teams (where Super Bowl LI will be held) are still alive... Continue Reading →

Super Bowl Ticket Demand and Prices on StubHub – February 4th

We are in the home stretch! Super Bowl Sunday is quickly approaching. The average ticket price sold is continuing to drop and is down by almost $60 from yesterday from $4,936 to $4,879. The cheapest ticket available on StubHub has also dropped from yesterday to $2,990 from $3,090. Since yesterday, sales from North Carolina have outpaced... Continue Reading →

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